"Why are your doing this, Oliver?" is a question I am getting frequently these days.


Why become a venture capitalist? Why not just continue the path as an executive in the IT industry, as a board member, as a lawyer, and as a General Counsel?

Because I strongly believe that people are doing things well when they are enjoying it. In my successful corporate career, as an advisor, as a business angel, and already at a young age in politics, I realized (some traits sooner, others later) that I enjoy solving complex puzzles, connecting the dots, bringing the right people and ideas together, putting innovative ideas in action, finding people who are smarter than me, bringing the best out in people and letting them shine.

When I was telling a good friend about SSPV Capital and our plans to build a unique and different venture firm his answer was “You will be good in this. The question is not why you are doing this, the question is why haven’t you been doing this earlier.

I hope he is true.

I am a curious person, not wanting to stop learning. Impatient when great ideas are not put into action. When I am focussing on a goal I am fully committed and know that I can be very intense and passionate to reach it – thankful to my family, my business partner Giannis and the SSPV team for bearing with me. Emotions and passion in business are something positive. They are part of being human. And the reason why big things happen.

SSPV has high ambitions. We want to do many things differently. A venture firm that consists of a venture studio, a VC, and a venture master program. Pan-European with presences in Greece and the Netherlands – and beyond. (Teaser alert: expansion into another part of Europe in the planning.)

We are collaborative and inclusive. Human-centric. Building purpose-driven and sustainable companies that make an impact. Startups, their founders and employees are for us not a number in an Excel sheet. And it is not the primary objective to just drive company valuations up to enable a fast exit with a high return for investors and ourselves. Yes, of course, we want to be commercially successful. But not at any price. Building products that solve a real problem for customers, making the world a better place, building a sustainable and healthy business, and having happy employees in our team and our portfolio companies, and fulfilled founders is equally important. Happy customers and employees make a successful business, which will return value to investors. Thankfully many responsible and successful investors also think like this.

That’s why we like to work with investors who care about more than only the financial ROI, people who also want to make an impact and give back to society.

My partner Giannis created the vision and narrative of SSPV Capital. He is a true intellectual: sophisticated, empathic, with a unique sense for people. And one more reason why I am starting this venture. I am a strong believer in diversity, and Giannis and I are very different personalities, with very different professional backgrounds, from different countries, with different skills and expertise. But we are very aligned on our values and our mission.

With this in mind – embracing the diversity in people, with a joint mission and values – we have started to build Scale Stories & People Ventures Capital and will continue to build our community of employees and partners, startup founders, portfolio companies, investors, and other associates.

Thanks for joining this venture with me. With us. With SSPV Capital.

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