The Venture Momentum Moment.


When I was a youngster, even as a late teenager as well, I was experiencing a big personal enthusiasm for any kind of innovative entrepreneurship. I was not jealous of the founders who were in front of those endeavors. On the contrary. I was making this wishful thinking; how can I learn from them, hopefully becoming like them? I was expressing a true respect for the idea creators, the managers and the operators and by far for the innovators who were so creative in what they did towards their initiatives. The fact is that I wanted to become an entrepreneur from a very early age. Inwardly, I knew I had this, without any significant guidance or influence. I just knew it. But I didn’t know much about it, despite that building a company is not the easiest task or something that could be done by anyone; it requires multifaceted types of skills (soft, hard and other kinds of them). In addition, it is not a transferable asset, pursuing a standardization of it. Not at all. It is a very challenging process (and will become a more complicated procedure, especially when it comes to technological, environmental and sociopolitical factors) which may lead to certain uncertainties and aggregating complexities both for the internal but also for the external business context of a real-life working mode early-stage company and not just for an idea stage startup.

And that was something I understood from the very beginning. Sometimes even the hard way. I started working at the tender age of 16 years old, grilling burgers at the leading fast food franchise restaurant company in Greece (and one of the largest in Europe at that time). A tough experience because I had to combine it with school. And girls too, to be honest! But, I have to admit this, if it’s something that I have to recall by answering why we are building now the SSPV Capital Venture Firm, the answer will always remain the same, memorizing the fantastic period that I had the opportunity to dive in my early years as a part-time worker or later as a full-time employee in many day & night jobs, grilling, baking, cleaning, dj-ing, carrying, driving, organizing, dealing, coding, creating, managing, selling, testing, travelling, marketing, writing and doing more things in assigned roles and formal task force that I had to go through since investing.

SSPV Capital is in the venture building business by all means and this is the main focus of my longstanding practical memory as a true believer.

One thing I have learned over my nonstop years of working, studying and building stuff for others or my own ventures, is that if you want to excel and distinguish yourself in what you do, you have to respect what you do and also concentrate across the momentum beyond this. Every single time I had to build something (another blog post will be written regarding my career path) as a Runner F&B Boy to a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Employee or from a BA student to a PhD candidate or from a Digital Storyteller to a Published Author, or from an Information Technology Consultant to an Adjunct and Guest Lecturer to Various International Universities or even as an Angel Investor to a Venture Firm Architect, there is one thing only that it is common, totally relevant and inextricable in every baseline: BUILDING with an impact-driven instinct and a consistent resourceful design system thinking. That’s the exact capital that fosters fantastic startups to armour their thriving long race. It’s not just about money capital. It’s about the knowledge capital that boosts any kind of efficiency. This is the moment that I am trying to achieve on a daily basis as an ethical builder. Because ethics is the headline perspective as reverse engineering through SSPV Capital’s pan-European vision.

We like to question the momentum and the nature of the three pillars we are actively building:

  1. The Venture Capital
  2. The Venture Studio and
  3. The Venture Master

We have to make sure that we question everything we have to solve before we start doing anything that makes us feel sceptical; the debate is the other side of the coin here. Perhaps empathy too. The venture world is a work in progress of surprises, and rollercoasters with ups and downs but that’s life if we sit down and think about it, isn’t it? Skills, products, finances, scalability and people’s anticipation to change the world -and not to micromanage it- is the absolute equation of what we do in SSPV Capital. Additionally, it would be helpful to mention what makes us kind of special in our mission and the ability to co-create with our stakeholders better, safer, healthier, meaningful and more sustainably fulfilling trajectories for the people who live and work in the cross-boarding startup communities. This is not another typical reference of a new venture capital company. On the flip side of it, we are willing to be even more than this. SSPV Capital is starting an active discussion, setting a venture benchmark for the European ecosystem for everything related within and beyond it. We are working closely to frame not just a value proposition for a few privileged people but a proposition consisting of values for anyone out there considering him/herself an outlier. This is the momentum of us. This is the moment of yours to join SSPV Capital as an innovative enabler, reaching a truly game-changing efficiency.

This is the moment of yours to join SSPV Capital as an innovative enabler, reaching a truly game changing efficiency.

This is a correlated continuum leading by default to the numerical succession of the three pillars (Venture Capital, Venture Studio, and Venture Master). That’s my little secret that I experienced throughout my sincere years as a business builder. Being there, testing and building in what you believe and devote your estimated energy to this working-life scenario. And then accelerate yourself by training and coaching your ethos both your product too, learning how to scale the ventures faster. SSPV Capital is in the venture building business by all means and this is the main focus of my longstanding practical memory as a true believer.

Perhaps one of the upcoming days or nights I will stand in front of the SSPV Capital new website or I will scan a venture opportunity during a flight or have a strong argument for a use case in a train route across Central Europe or I will face up a tough meeting, debating some of the due diligence facts. And then I will ask myself why am I doing this? To get the answer from Oliver, my co-founder on this journey. But this is a short teaser from a following blog post of mine. Until the next time, believe in what you do and share it with us if you like to have a small chat on this.

Moreover, the only -and constant- answer to the previous one, is because I get excited when I help others to believe in something that may be mean -and also lead to everything. Like my father who is a glaucoma surgeon and my mother who used to teach English as a foreign language. We -as a family- have been in the caregiving (mission) for a long time. From day one. It is innate to me. To give. To seed. To build. And then to bring it back. Day one. It’s all about Scale Stories and People’s Ventures if you consider it in a wider Capital context. Isn’t it? For me, absolutely. Let’s make it count for sure upon the most disruptive technological era we are living in as a species. But again. Humans first. On to the next level. For all of our stakeholders. As a venture family this time!

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