Giannis is an agnostic venture and tech startup analyst, having previously held operating, managerial, creative and leading roles as a founder, co-founder, investor, consultant, manager, and onboarding member. He holds a BA in Marketing, Communications and Economics from Kingston University (UK), an MSc in Leadership and Organisational Change from The University of Sheffield (UK), an MBA in Strategic Management and Business Ethics Coaching from Kingston University (UK) and an Executive Master in Venture Capital Finance, Startup Funding, and Investment Strategies from Imperial College Business School. He also studied international Relations at the American College of Thessaloniki and he was a PhD candidate in Digital Business, Impact Financing and Societal Employability. Before founding SSPV Capital, he collaborated with some of the most influential and disruptive brands in Greece, Europe, the UK, and the USA, working every single time for the industry’s strategic impact, among multiple companies, organisations, startups and universities. Giannis’ private investing portfolio trajectory varies from the food and beverage sector to “digital” retail, culture, health tech, SaaS solutions and tech companies. He has served as a full and part time Adjunct and Visiting Lecturer for business and social studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels both for Greek and UK universities and other international learning organisations. He is also an UNESCO award-winning writer and published author of a tech fiction book. Giannis has served as an active advisor, mentor and startup/business coach. You might often hear him saying: “In case you’ve missed it, the world has changed! As investors, startup founders and builders, we are being called upon to create a powerful soul system, leading to an ethical future for individuals, businesses, citizens and societies. For a better, more solid and by all means meaningful tomorrow”.

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