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New Year’s resolutions are kind of a challenging task, even a frustrating thing; a truly unrealistic fun fact for the majority of people who feel that something is missing from their lives and they will have to search for it during the upcoming months. Mainly because the aims and objectives that we put as “resolutionists” could not apply to our practical, personal and habitual tactics. When it comes to tech, in particular tech entrepreneurship, resolutions may stick with the possibility of not even commencing for a long time. This is the very exact point where SSPV Capital contextualizes the startup ecosystem flipside among its venture thesis; a working baseline moonshot that we constantly deploy throughout an accountable three-pillar strategy (venture capitalventure studio and venture master).

Yes, we sit among founders, builders and true believers. It’s kind of a motto for us. Indeed.

This is the reason why we are building this firm, helping talented individuals to completely understand how charismatic they could or should become as outstanding tech entrepreneurs. We help them pursue, nurture and protect their ideas. That is a constant resolution for us. Not just a January check.

So, instead of long, impossible and unsolved resolutions that make our lives feel more unsettled, subordinated and unsecured, remember the one thing only which can make you feel a sense of impactful difference.​ And that is you and only you as a person! Remember that you can do this. You can lead the flow by developing your ability to learn from the evaporation. By doing it yourself; not by pretending to be someone else’s example. You have this unique ability to do something for your special life narrative. Not as egocentric, but as a good listener who knows how and when to use the intelligence of “grow” to create a better understanding of resilience. As a true believer who knows how to build the very best mindset daily, over the weeks, months, and even years.

It’s not always about setting goals. That’s the first thing we have to accept. It’s about motivating boundaries for daily challenges. What kind of change do you want to bring in 2024? Well, that’s a personality shift. Are you ready? But first, start with a meaning of belongingness, building a business character or a venture character that fits your startup perspective, the virtues and the values, beyond any further achievements or accomplishments that may arise. And then they will come. That’s for sure. Upvalue yourself, don’t forget this. It’s the most precious asset that you have to maintain and review for a strong track record in your working-life scenario balance if there’s such a thing.

So why do we need a more realistic scenario?

Perhaps it’s because we need to become genuine storytellers metabolizing any previous thresholds. We have to make a promise to ourselves that embark on a robust extroversion. That’s the most infinite resolution in a “one size fits all” venture logic. We need to consolidate what, how and especially why we are starting something. By the way, there’s no good, mature or immature answer. Nestled in a sense to reframe why you are doing the following milestone of yours. Stop stressing about what other people have. They don’t have what you have. So, you better start with why, like Simon Sinek says. Perhaps this is the main argument that is the best possible venture resolution if you consider it.

Intelligence uses the known to solve problems. Creativity uses the unknown to discover possibilities. Humanity faces significant challenges, and we must adopt new ways of solving and resolving them. Revolutionizing them in a way! SSPV Capital team, Oliver and I help entrepreneurs passionate about contributing to solutions for these challenges, define their stories, find the right people, and scale their new business ventures into successful enterprises with a positive impact. This is our annual resolution once and for all.

We are SSPV Capital. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve by delving into 2024 as a human and also as a venture architect? Let’s continue our discussion on this if you like.

Happy New Year!

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